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Best Guinea Pig Cage Reviews For 2020

by Petalove
Best Guinea Pig Cage Reviews For 2020

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If you are looking for the best Guinea Pig cage reviews, then look no further! We’ve got you covered. Here we have listed some of the best Guinea Pig cages that you can get from Amazon and other places, while also providing cheap DIY and homemade alternatives that you could also use. 

But before you decide to buy or make a Guinea pig cage, there are a few things you need to consider first. Let’s get started.

How Big Of A Cage Does A Guinea Pig Need

Most cages for guinea pigs are too small. Guinea pigs require enough room and separate spaces for a shelter, bathroom, food and water. No animal is supposed to live in a cage all of the time, so make sure your guinea pig gets enough exercise outside its cage.

Guinea pigs are amongst the largest rodents kept as house pets, and their standard cage is slightly more spacious than housing far smaller counterparts like hamsters and gerbils.

Although small animal cages also use vertical space to raise living space and facilitate climbing, burrowing and digging, guinea pigs depend on floor space. Other than the extra large guinea pig cages, low-height ramps and platforms offer a large variety, but guinea pigs require space for exercise, even with regular outdoor play.

How big should a guinea pig housing be depends on how many guinea pigs you want in one cage. A single guinea pig needs at least 7.5 square feet, 30 by 36 inches being a decent size. 2 Guinea pigs require 10.5 square feet, 30 by 50 inches of good size for quality.

How Much Does A Guinea Pig Cage Cost

If you purchase a cage from a store (instead of making one yourself), the price can range from $25 to around $300. You can buy a reasonably affordable modern guinea pig cage 7.5-sq.-ft cage from amazon.com for almost $50.00. However, let’s use $80 as the average starter cage price for this example.

You can also search Craigslist or the local classified ads to see if anyone wishes to sell or give away their Guinea pig cage. Using a DIY Guinea Pig Cage can also be another good alternative, but with the time and costs needed to set it up, it is always better to get a brand new one.

How To Set Up A Guinea Pig Cage – 2 Things To Remember:

The Bigger it is, The Better

When it comes to taking care for guinea pigs, the common misconception is that they should make do with a small cage. Since they appear to have poor eyesight, many owners once felt that a more compact environment was preferred by guinea pigs. However, this is not valid, and so you can’t actually place them in a hamster cage. It’s always safer to go for a cage intended for guinea pigs even if you just own one.

Guinea pigs also like to wander and explore like other rodents; go for the best big indoor guinea pig cage or else they can get bored. Piggies are often very territorial and, for their various activities, prefer to have separate areas. It is important to keep the eating and drinking area apart from the main living area.

The standard measurement of a guinea pig ‘s cage must be at least 7.5 sq ft for one pet, according to experts, but if you can get larger, your guinea pig is going to be much healthier and happier.

As long as you also supply them with quality guinea pig food, the best guinea pig habitat would provide your pig with enough room to run around in and do her thing, maintaining better health and happiness.

You’ll need the best guinea pig cages for 2 guinea pigs if you have a happy pair, so that they have plenty of room to play and explore.

Creatures of Comfort

Although cavies don’t need a fluffy bedding at night to rest their heads on, they do need to be comfortable. To achieve this, opt for a flat, sturdy pan over mesh wire flooring and get your piggy ‘s best guinea pig bedding. Knowing how often to clean a guinea pig cage is also vital. The paws of guinea pigs are not hard enough to cope with rough bumps all the time, so even though all-wire cages seem to be much easier to clean and will prevent your pet from getting so close to their dirty business, you shouldn’t go for them yet.

Wire mesh flooring can cause the paws of your pet to swell and become infected, which can be harmful to its health. However, you can still opt to line a wire cage with a solid material and just leave the area they use as a toilet bare if you really don’t want them to be wading in filth.

The Best Guinea Pig Cages That You Can Buy Online

To find the best models available, we reviewed hundreds of guinea pig cages to make it easier to choose the best one for your needs. To see what’s available at what price, we looked at various sizes , shapes, and building materials, such as metal and wood. Here they are:

Midwest Guinea Pig Cage

Guinea pigs, since they are sociable and quiet animals that respond well to constant handling, make perfect pets. Although they require a great deal of space, there are several distributors who sell cages large enough to accommodate these lovely creatures. In particular, as it offers more than enough space and is easy to clean, the Guinea Habitat Plus from Midwest Homes for Pets is indeed a perfect home for your guinea pig.

It features almost eight square feet of space, but by buying a second one and adding the two cages, it can be double the size (great for two!). This provides enough space for your guinea pig to exercise and explore. Even, the divider panel included is useful for delegating separate playing and eating areas. Simply lock it in place as desired and add fabric ramps to the lock-in spot. Alternately, to keep the habitat wide open, you can eliminate the divider completely.

What Is The Best Material To Use In The Bottom Of A Guinea Pig Cage?

Reviewers offer high marks to this enclosure, citing the bottom of the removable and washable PVC lined canvas as a standout feature(. Although this is not the cheapest cage on our list, this cage’s quality and durability make it our top choice for cages.

Living World Deluxe Habitat

The best guinea pig cage available is the Living World Deluxe Habitat. That’s because it has the best combination of size, portability, features, access, and durability is provided. Three sizes are available, but since it has the most space, the extra large version is the better choice.

The Living World Deluxe Habitat uses robust metal and plastic materials that, considering its long foundation, make it chew-resistant and sturdy. It is one of the biggest choices available, at 47 inches long, which prevents guinea pigs from feeling shut-in. For easy transportation to new locations, the concept is collapsible and self-contained.

There are two half-length domed ceiling hatches in this cage that provide convenient access to any spot inside. All of the feeder equipment you need for a guinea pig comes with it, plus an elevated platform that acts as guinea pig hutch.

Ware Manufacturing Home Sweet Home Pet Cage for Small Animals

It doesn’t have to be complicated to take care of a guinea pig, especially with a cage that is easy and reliable. For those new to owning guinea pigs, the Ware Manufacturing Home Sweet Home Pet Cage for Small Animals is easily accessible. The basic nature makes it convenient to assemble and use.

The cage ‘s base is deep enough that once you are ready to clean it, it will keep the bedding and other possible messes enclosed. With four wide metal clasps, it is easy to remove the top to clean. Within and out, the smooth plastic prevents dirt, soiled bedding and other materials from sticking or staining the bag.

There are three accessible sizes, but the most value is provided by the medium edition. To make it blend into any decor, there are also three color options available. The guinea pig cage size is about 28-inches long, it’s made of heavy-duty plastic, which makes the base rigid. It has a chew-resistant paint that adds to its longevity, the cage top is powder-coated and helps keep your guinea pig protected.

Midwest Critter Nation With Stand

When they are satisfied with owning a guinea pig and appreciate what can make a cage unique, most pet owners want to upgrade their cages. Thanks to its additional characteristics and thorough design, the Midwest Critter Nation with Stand comes out on top in deluxe cages. A built-in stand and all metal construction are in the cage itself. It is easier to carry than most other cages as well, situated on strong plastic casters.

The front of the cage consists of two doors that swing open for complete access to any spot on the inside, complete length and height. For entry from a certain perspective, the top panel is easily removable as well. The cage floor is reusable and made of tough, non-stick plastic to clean away messes easily.

The Midwest Critter Nation with Stand has an attached ramp on a second-floor platform. In order to secure pets’ feet, the ramp also comes with a cover. There is a second shelf for storage under the cage, so that everything a guinea pig wants is kept close by.

#1 Premium Pet Playpen 

While it was not the top pick, the #1 Luxury Pet Playpen-Large 45′ Indoor/Outdoor Enclosure came pretty close. When put in an open room, its circular shape makes it easy to reach every part of the cage. It is made of a tough scratch- and chew-resistant fabric in terms of toughness.

The #1 Luxury Pet Playpen-Large 45′ Indoor/Outdoor Guinea pig Cage completely folds into its own holding bag with a handle due to the added durability of the fabric. This makes it a decent guinea pig travel cage choice as it collapses less than most other stationary pet cages. It is easy to assemble as it pops into position for the top and bottom to be attached. In less than a minute and with just three steps, it can be placed in place for a pet.

On the top and bottom of the enclosure, there is a zipper closure, which makes it possible to get in quickly and open the bottom for quick cleaning. The fabric, for additional toughness, is waterproof. It also comes with four anchors of stainless steel to be used as a playpen or tent outdoors.

AmazonBasics Indoor-Outdoor Small Pet Habitat Cage with Canvas Bottom

With this inexpensive, rectangular casing, keep your furry friend relaxed and securely contained. The 7.8-square-foot cage has a robust, strong iron wire frame that can tightly hold your guinea pig, but also offers plenty of space to look out.

The cage also has a leak-proof canvas base with a design that holds pet messes and water spills contained. However, the floor of the cage is specially built for the delicate feet of the guinea pig and offers adequate texture to provide them with good traction.

To enable plenty of room to explore and exercise, leave the habitat wide open or use the included divider to split the room into distinct eating and play areas.

AmazonBasics Small Animal Cage Habitat With Accessories

For a guinea pig, the minimum recommended size is 7.5 square feet. This cage exceeds the recommended size by more than a foot, at 8.6 square feet. This means that the fact that your guinea pig will have plenty of space to frolic, eat, and sleep will make you feel good.

The large guinea pig habitat is built with an upper frame of iron wire and a plastic foundation. This allows the safety of your guinea pig, but also offers plenty of open space to view the room around them. Furthermore, it has a balcony with a secure ramp for plastic entry and a tip-proof food bowl. Two of the necessary accessories that you’ll need for a guinea pig, a non-drip water bottle and a hay guard, also come with this habitat.

A wide top and front openings give your furry friend easy access, but are protected enough to keep them enclosed.

Ferplast Krolik Rabbit Cage

This cage is larger than many others, at almost nine square feet, and is comparatively well-priced. The whole cage measures approximately 60 inches long and 24 inches wide, so your guinea pig will never feel cramped despite the different living, eating, and sleeping areas.

This cage is a very handy choice if you have children that want to play with guinea pigs. It has a complete front door that provides the animal inside with fast and easy access. And if your pet is hidden in the hutch, there is a top panel that opens entirely in that section of the cage as well. You should rest easy amid this versatility, knowing that all the latches are very sturdy and secure to keep your guinea pig securely confined inside.

Freddyl One-Story Small Animal Hutch

A hutch not only offers your guinea pig plenty of room to explore, but when there are lots of noisy noises around the house, it also gives them plenty of room to escape into their own space. This is a good choice unless you know how to build a guinea pig cage out of wood.

Having a hinged roof with a rotating arm that opens from above, this wooden and galvanized metal hutch makes it easy to step in to play with or care for your pet. Instead, it has two doors, and both have metal security latches. You will love that this hutch is easy to clean, in spite of its intricacies. It has a tray made of plastic that slides straight out.

Guinea Habitat Plus Guinea Pig Cage by MidWest

Big animal cages provide more space for guinea pigs to play about, which can make them a lot happier. “The” Guinea Habitat “Guinea Pig Cage & Accessories by MidWest is one of the best large guinea pig cage there is.

One of its main qualities is that it is modular, which means that if you have the space, you can link many of them together to create a giant guinea pig enclosure.

The cage base is made of a sturdy canvas that is waterproof and resistant to scratches. A single inner wall separates the cage into a wider portion that can be protected and a smaller hutch portion. There is also a padded ramp on the interior wall that locks into place, making it very easy to walk between various areas. The ramps act as connectors for holding the cages tightly joined together while attaching additional cages to construct a guinea pig cave.

This cage is lightweight but sturdy because of the canvas base and flat metal top design. For quick removal of dirt and old bedding, the canvas components are washable. The cage top has smaller gaps between bars to help hold animals in, but they are large enough for more customization to connect other accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Cage For A Guinea Pig?

Three different ways you can house a guinea pig are open. Bought in an aquarium, storage cube, or cage shop. The best choice will still be to store purchased cages as long as they are at least 7.5 square feet with one guinea pig or 10.5 square feet for two.

The principal advantage of cages intended for rodents is their ventilation. With wide gaps in the bars, your piggy should not have an overheating problem. These cages often have a comfort aspect, since it is much simpler to get your guinea pig in and out of them. Some come with a ledge that acts as a perfect place to feed and drink.

What Is The Best Hutch For A Guinea Pig?

Though hutches are used primarily to house rabbits, they are used by others to house guinea pigs. We recommend that you not use a hutch as it is not as convenient for them to keep the guinea pig outside. They are no longer able to communicate with the family, are exposed to the weather, and are vulnerable to snakes and other predators attacking them. 

Do Guinea Pigs Need Bedding?

Yeah, to keep your pet happy and safe, a pleasant guinea pig bedding is important. In the wild, guinea pigs are naturally the prey of many animal species. They need a dense bedding in which they can cover themselves, which also acts as a means of entertainment.

Bedding serves as an integral source of comfort as well. It should come as no surprise that on a rough floor, guinea pigs do not like to sleep. Especially if there is a caged metal floor for their living space. Failure to provide soft bedding may lead to bumblefoot: nasty sores and rashes on the legs.

Last, the bedding is identical to the litter in a cat’s litter box. Removing wet bedding from the cage is much easier, and less stinky, instead of scrubbing the entire cage out every day. Believe me, this is going to save you hours.

Do Guinea Pigs Need a Wheel?

For guinea pigs, a wheel should never be used, as they have delicate backs and using the wheel might damage their backs. To get your guinea moving and playing, it’s important to remind guinea parents to select other exercise choices.

For your fuzzy pet, regular exercise is a must and all guineas need to be treated at least twice a day. This gives you time to get to know your new pet, and also helps you to check to see whether your guinea has skin problems, dental issues, or has unexpectedly risen in weight.

Are these cages safe for guinea pig babies?

Baby guinea pigs may slip through the bars of certain cages, so since the babies are very small, these cages will need to be changed. Metal grids that have small gaps between the bars can be bought and these can be installed over the top of the original mesh. When the babies develop, they can be removed. For babies, cages with deep bases are better because they will not be able to even enter the wire mesh!

Do not make sure to check if the babies are able to reach the water bottle in a normal cage that may be too big. Often, check to make sure they can get the food. They may not be able to reach it if it is at the top of a ramp!

Final Thoughts

And you’ve got it there. With some questions answered, some of the best guinea pig cages were checked. Hope this data enabled you to better understand the specifications of your guinea pig alongside the best cage you can get him.

Having a regularly replenished line of supplements and nutritious treats for guinea pigs enables optimum health for your guineas. In addition, for their fuzzy best friend, guinea pig parents should think about making a pet checklist to ensure that they will never run out of pet products.

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