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How Do You Socialize Your Pet Dog

by Petalove
how do you socialize your pet dog

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Though we all are busy with various works in this busy world, a pet lover like me spends a lot of time with his adorable pets. We manage time for feeding them, washing them, entertaining them and so on. But what do we expect from them? From my perspective, the answer may be “gentle behavior”. It seems funny but basically, it’s a true fact. Pets also need to be socialized. They need to learn some common manners to stay with us like our family members. They need to behave gently. When you properly groom your dog, they will be mentally strong. They can handle any situation smartly without fear. So now I will tell you, How Do You Socialize Your Pet Dog?


The socialization period of your dog starts before you bring him to your house. The breeders always train the little dogs on how to interact with the surrounding environment before handover them to someone. But your home is totally an unknown place for your dog. They need time and proper instructions to accept the new environment and people. So, after bringing a dog to your home, your fast task is to train him, make him feel comfortable. For this purpose, you need to follow some basic steps:


Introduce Family Members

how do you socialize your dog

Your first task is to remove all the fears about the new environment and people from your dog’s mind. Introduce the family members to your puppy. Make fun with him, pamper him as much as possible. When you behave gently your pet feels secure. This is the first step to socialize your pet. 


Introduce the Outdoor World

When the dog will start to feel comfortable with you and your family members, then your task is to introduce the outdoor world to your puppy. The smells, nature, people, and places- everything is new to your dog. So take him to as many new places as possible. Introduce as many new people as possible. For example, you need to introduce a man on a wheelchair or an autistic baby to your puppy. So he will never be afraid of various people in our society. Walk with him, let him walk on grass, muddy roads, water, carpet or tiles. Make him feel like all these are very normal.  


Walking With Your Pet Every day

We all know that having an outing with our pets every day can make us healthy. We walk with them, run with them and have some fun. All these help us to maintain better physical and mental health. But do you know going out with pets can also make them more social? They meet with other pets and pet owners. This is the most common and natural way of socializing your pet dog. 


Do It Slowly

Both for a human baby and a baby dog, socialization is a long process. Socialization is the most important period for your pet. So don’t be too hurry to do it. You need to introduce very few people to your dog in the first few days. Don’t try to bring him in front of multiple people within a very short time. 


Start the Process on Time

Do you know exactly which age is called the socialization period for your dog? The most appropriate age to socialize a pet dog is between 3 to 12 weeks. You should use this time to get a satisfactory outcome. After 18 weeks, it is more difficult to train a dog and change his habit. So you need to start the process on time. In this period, a dog should be exposed to as many unfamiliar places and people as possible. 

socialize your dog


Dog’s Grooming Class

There are many dog training institutions where many professional trainers will groom your puppy. You can take your pet to those classes. It will be really helpful. Your pet will get the opportunity to meet with many other pets.


Give Treat to Your Puppy

Everyone likes to have a treat right? Your puppy also likes it a lot.    So after every successful interaction or gentle sweet behavior, give him a treat. Give him the food that he likes the most. This little effort will inspire him a lot. 


When a dog enters your home, treat him as one of your family members. If your pet is not social enough and doesn’t interact with others nicely, it will be very disturbing for you. So taking steps to socialize your dog is the most important task for a dog owner. Train him to prevent all the fears. Teach him to survive spontaneously. Help him to survive in all the environments where you can survive easily. Though many veterinarians are found for taking care of your dog’s physical health, you are the only one who can take care of his mental health. So, give a little effort and stay happy with your puppy.


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