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How to Keep Pets Safe During Covid-19 Pandemic

by Petalove

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It is known by all that having a pet can help you to maintain better health. Pets not only make you physically active but also support you to have good mental health. They always stay beside you and reduce your loneliness. Pet can also make you smile by doing funny movements. But do you worried about pets during COVID-19?

So during this worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, when you are supposed to be home quarantined, your pet may be the best partner who can convert your boring lonely time to cheerful and happy time by staying beside you. They are too comforting in this crisis moment when you have to stay inside your home for a long time. You can enjoy your lazy time by playing with your pet. They will help you to manage your depression during these home quarantine days.

Now the most common question that peeps in your mind  in these days may be:

” How can I keep my pets safe during the COVID-19 pandemic?” If you are one of those who are looking for this answer, this article is for you.

First of all, it has to be mentioned that people who are not affected by a novel coronavirus and also do not show any symptoms of being affected do not need to isolate themselves from their pets. But all of us should maintain some good hygiene practice as always, especially in these pandemic days.

The Rules You Have to Maintain When Interacting With Your Pet During the Pandemic:

First of all, you need to wash your hand properly for 20 seconds with soap or hand wash before and after interacting with your pet. This rule is mandatory for all time, not only in the pandemic period. This hygiene practice is a must for all who have a pet in their home.

Secondly, keep your pet neat and clean always. The only way to stay safe from the novel coronavirus is to stay clean. You have to keep clean yourself, your home, your family members, and your pet. Clean your pet with medium temperature hot water, soap, and shampoo every day. You should also clean the food bowl, toys, and bed of your pet regularly.

Lastly, the research said that the novel coronavirus can survive on surfaces for minutes or even hours. This virus can spread by an infected person when he coughs or sneezes. It can transfer from person to person. 

So there is a high possibility of transferring this virus from one person to another by a pet. Thus your pet can probably be a carrier of the novel coronavirus. So during this pandemic period, it will be better to interact less with your pet.

Your next question might be: “What should I do if I am feeling sick and having the symptoms of COVID-19?”

You need to stock up on supplies for your pet. Prepare a bag with all the necessary things that your pet needs every day for the day of an emergency. The bag may contain medications, daily foods, etc for your pet. Then you should find an option for pet care in case of an emergency. You can contact your friends to take care of your pet if you feel sick and have to isolate yourself. 

You should give all the information about your pet to the caregiver like the food habit of your pet or information about the medication, sleeping hour, etc.

And now the question is “What should you do if your pet feels sick during this pandemic?”

If your pet feels sick, you need to call the veterinarian and let them know about the symptoms of your pet before taking them to the hospital. The novel coronavirus is too new for the world and many characteristics of this virus are now unknown to the people. So you need to inform the hospital about the illness of your pet and also should mention the doctors if your pet has been in contact with someone who is suspected of having COVID-19.

It is true that we all are going through a very challenging time. We also realize that there are many unknowns about the danger of COVID-19. So all we can do is just stay safe by maintaining all hygiene practices. Though we have to stay home in this pandemic period, we get the opportunity to have some fun and spend lots of time with our pets. So we should also ensure that we are maintaining hygiene practice with our pet too. So stay at home, stay safe, and be neat and clean always.

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